‘I cannot dive properly because iPhone too expensive!’

No, I’m not kidding you. Here’s the actual article.

And yes, you are reading that right. A professional diver – a Commonwealth Games champion, no less – has said that spending $4k on iPhones is the reason why he came in fifth in a Diving Grand Prix.

First of all, diving got grand prix one meh? Second, but maybe more important – ZHUN BO?! Getting ripped off is the reason why you cannot dive properly? Got such things one meh?!

We’ve all seen many ridiculous excuses for poor performances. Man Utd and their grey jerseys, Kenny Dalgish and his bouncy balls etc… But iPhone 6?! I know you’re a diver, but there’s no need to go so low leh.

diver fail

Someone should alert the Singapore sports associations – we can use similar excuses the next time our national teams flop! Knocked out of AFF Suzuki Cup? Must be because chicken chop at Kallang too expensive. Did not get a medal at SEA Games? Surely it is due to the team paying too much for a tee shirt.

Thanks Mr Ooi Tze Liang, you have given us some brilliant ideas today!

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