Secret tricks to sell your condo in a slow market

Some conventional marketing tricks for condominiums in a slow market are tactics such as doing more open-houses, doing roadshows, increasing advertising on TV or print or even giving discounts.

But no, none of those boring sales tricks in Singapore. Well, certainly not for CapitaLand, the developers of D’Leedon. To move the unsold units, CapitaLand will furnish some of them with ‘designer furniture’. No news on who’s the designer though.

That is not the coolest part, of course. CapitaLand also held a huge-ass party to celebrate the condo’s launch. ZHUN BO?! A condo launched with a huge-ass party even though 15% of the units were unsold? Desperate leh. And to top it off, the party ended with fireworks shooting from some of the units.

Pew pew

This finale was probably a metaphor for CapitaLand‘s money going up in smoke lah. Oh well, developer risks I suppose. I just hope none of the units ended up like Edward Norton‘s condo in Fight Club, which exploded magnificently.

condo explosion


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