What kind of evil doctor charges you $7.90 for consultation and medicine?

Yes, you read that right. A ‘Philip Ang’ recently complained that he was charged $7.90 at a public clinic!



Now if you still don’t believe me, feel free to see the evidence of the doctor’s pure evilness:


How dare a doctor charge $7.90 for a full consultation and medicine? OF COURSE WE MUST COMPLAIN.

Not only must we complain, we have to compare this bill with those of private doctors as well. Yes, the same private doctors who mark-up prices of their medicine and have final bills of around $40 – $60.

These private doctors must be saints compared to this public clinic, who charged Mr Ang $7.90 for everything.

angry girl

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7 thoughts on “What kind of evil doctor charges you $7.90 for consultation and medicine?

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  2. Must say you’ve given a massive and mind-boggling TWIST to Ang’s comment.

    The blog you cite was on the original charges for treatment and meds that
    the govt claims it is giving discounts on. That these original charges at the
    Polyclinic are Higher than what Private clinics charge.

    As such, the subsidies that the govt boasts it gives are Lower than what are
    eventually given.

    In common parlance, your piece would be labelled lying and mischievous.
    Also, pulling the wool over people’s eyes.

    You’ve done a great job of making the PAP look like a Very Untrustworthy lot.
    Thanx….and keep up the good work.


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