Pro-tips on where to study in Singapore

A Singapore student apparently got flamed after she complained online, saying that a Starbucks manager kept her stuff after she left them on a seat while she ‘ran errands’ for 30 minutes. Since then, she has taken the usual steps of deleting-post-and-then-delete-FB-profile. The only evidence of this entire saga is now… an article on Straits Times?! On front-page?!

ZHUN BO. Like that also front-page?

I know this is a big deal lah, but such student-angst stories are usually more suited for papers like Zaobao Comma or something right? Must have been a slow news day lah.

Now that it’s clear that students are not welcome to hog seats at Starbucks, I thought it was good for me to share my personal top three list of places to study at:

1) Your school

Your school

A school is a place with many lecture halls and classrooms, and hence has a shitload of tables and chairs. There are also many older people called ‘teachers’ (you might think that they make tea but they actually don’t) who can answer your questions. Well, most questions.

Because a school has many tables and chairs, as well as older people to answer your questions, it is generally the perfect place to study in. Such a coincidence right? It’s almost as though a school was designed for learning!

2) A library


Imagine a place that’s great for studying at… what do you see? Do you see a place filled to the brim with books? Do you see a quiet, isolated room with a desk and chair for you to study in? Do you feel aircon? What if I told you there was such a place, and that the place even has security guards and staff that helps keep the whole place quiet? Amazing right?! That’s exactly what a library is!

But both places above don’t suit you and you die die want to study in a place with overpriced coffee, you can go to…

3) Starbucks Bishan CC

starbucks bishan

Thought Starbucks cannot study? NOT TRUE. The Starbucks at Bishan CC actually allows people to study there! And they provide free WiFi too! Well, to be fair they probably worked the WiFi price into the price of their lattes and other fancy-fart drinks. BUT HEY. At least you’re still studying at Starbucks! Better do it before they regret it and remove the designated studying area!

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