Pimp that blimp

I’m not sure if you guys heard, but the SAF is going to put a gigantic helium balloon in the air to monitor our sea and air security.

ZHUN BO?! Balloon nowadays so high tech meh?!

Not surprisingly, some people have started to complain about this. Some say too expensive and not worth it, while others say that this will invade citizens’ privacy.

You know what I say? The crux of the problem is that the balloon is simply too plain. Look at it:

plain blimp


Never mind, come let me help you. Why not add some googly eyes so that the blimp become cuter like this?


Alternatively, since the thing will be up in 2015, why not we just stick on the SG50 logo? At least not so plain, and quite timely lah.


OH OH. Another way is that since OCBC already has their name all over the SportsHub, why not we let them name this blimp as well?

They can call it the OCBC Blimp, or O-CBCB for short!


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