Most profitable topic to speak about in Singapore!

Singaporeans have been infatuated with the money of two men in the recent months – Joseph Prince and Roy Ngerng.

Joseph Prince is a former IT consultant who is apparently one of the most popular pastors in the world right now. According to this article, he has a net worth of US$5 million. Naturally, his church came out to say that his net worth was substantially lower than that. So sorry to hear that, bro!

But I guess we could assume his net worth to be maybe US$4 million lah. $1 million shortfall is quite substantial to people like me, you see.

Poor Prince

On the other hand, Roy Ngerng is a self-described activist who writes lengthy blogposts and draws colourful infographics. From time to time he likes to protest at Hong Lim Park and take long walks out of Tan Tock Seng Hospital.

He was sued for defamation by Pinky Lee, and managed to raise $110k for his legal defence fund.

power to you bro

Do you see the similarity between them? THEY BOTH MADE A CAREER OUT OF TALKING.

So today, I thought it’d be useful for us aspiring talkers to see which topic would bring in the dough – religion or anti-government!

Roy vs Prince

Mr Prince’s church, the New Creation Church, was registered in October 1984. For the sake of this article, let’s take the date as 1st October 1984 k? And let’s take it that his net worth is currently a paltry US4 million, or about SG$5.1 million in our part of the world.

Based on these assumptions, he has earned an average of $464 per day.

As for Mr Ngerng, he appealed for funds on 29 May 2014. As of his last update on 22 June 2014, he has raised a total of $110,299. Thanks to Mr Ngerng for providing the exact figures by the way! You’re so much nicer to bloggers like me than New Creation Church was!

Anyhow, based on his figures, Mr Ngerng has earned an average of a staggering $4,595 a day!

As we can see here, it is almost ten times better to be an anti-government speaker than to be a religious one!

Roy wins!


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3 thoughts on “Most profitable topic to speak about in Singapore!

  1. “From 2008 to 2012, Lee earned an annual salary of S$3,870,000 (US$2,856,930),[39] an increase of 25% from the previous S$3,091,200 (US$2,037,168).[40] On January 2012, in response to public unhappiness at the high salary,[41] Lee took a 28% paycut reducing his salary to S$2.2 million (US$1.7 million).[42][43][44] He remains the highest-paid prime minister in the world.[45]”

    Hmm… annual salary of S$3,870,000… That’s S$10,602… A Princely sum… And look at the state of Singapore now…

    Puns intended…


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