Quick guide to shopping at Sim Lim Square

A bastard by the name of Jover Chew who owns Mobile Air was so angsty that he refunded a customer, whom he cheated at first, in 18kg worth of coins. More cases surfaced after that, revealing that he scammed a Vietnamese worker who saved up for months to buy an iPhone for his girlfriend, as well as trying to make a 19 year old student pay $1k for warranty.


ZHUN BO?! Jover Chew your heart got black enough or not?

Thanks to this asshole, even the Chinese Foreign Ministry issued a notification warning Chinese tourists to be wary when buying electronics in Singapore.

You know you screwed up when the Chinese are issuing scam warnings against you.

The problem with Sim Lim square is that it is a strata-titled mall. This means that all the units are individually owned, and nobody can actually evict nonsense shopkeepers like Jover Chew even when they’re scumbags.

Well, not unless there are incriminating evidence of crimes of course. Even if they somehow manage to evict the scumbags, the scumbags’ relatives or friends can just rent the same space and pull the same tricks again.

This is why people like Jover Chew used to be able to get away with such nonsense tricks.


But don’t worry! I have the fastest guide you can get about shopping at Sim Lim Square:

Ignore the first two levels!

There you have it! Quick and easy. If you ever thought of shopping there, just close your eyes until the lift goes ‘ding!’ at level 3. That is where all the computer hardware and laptop shops start, and you’d have a significantly less chance of getting scammed.

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