Minister writes to TOC; confirms passport forgery still a crime

Did you guys not hear? Mr Sam Tan, a Minister of State with the Prime Minister’s Office, actually wrote a letter to The Online Citizen (TOC)! This is probably the first time ever that a PAPpie has actually wrote to (TOC).

I KNOW, RIGHT? Does this mean that the PAPpies are now prepared to ride into the Wild Wild West of the Internet?


Nobody actually knows, especially not me since I wasn’t invited to their 60th birthday party.

What I do know, however, is that Mr Tan was responding to two old men who escaped from Singapore many years back.

Apparently, these two old men who escaped from Singapore have been writing letters to TOC explaining that they had escaped because Singapore was unfair to them.

So Mr Sam Tan responded, saying that both of them actually ran away using forged passports.


It really sucks that they feel Singapore is unfair to them, but to be fair using forged passports is kind of messed up you know? In fact, it is quite a big crime here. Identity theft, illegal entry and all that jazz.

cooking sam

I wouldn’t dare come back to Singapore if I knew I had committed a crime here too!

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