Most important finding from the Workplace Happiness Survey

The Singapore Human Resources Institute (SHRI) published the conclusions from their National Workplace Happiness Survey yesterday, and I think the most important finding is that SHRI, like most typical HR departments, is stupid.

Please read on, before you decide that I’m unnecessarily mean.

According to the SHRI’s study, workers in Singapore fall in the ‘Under Happy’ band.

Yes, that is true. The SHRI actually did an allegedly ‘scientific’ study and decided to classify all of us in ‘Under Happy’. Unsurprisingly, this finding has raised many questions.


What does ‘Under Happy’ mean? How does one qualify to be ‘Under Happy’? Should employers be concerned that their workers are ‘Under Happy’? Is this something that the gahmen needs to form a committee and look into? Should someone write to Amnesty International about this?

Nobody has any answers to the above questions, probably because they’re spending their time mucking in that grey area between sadness and happiness.

That grey area currently known as ‘Under Happy’.

Don’t worry though! At least we have now confirmed that SHRI is stupid, fulfilling the stereotype that HR departments are just a bunch of social media surfers who come up with nonsensical terms to justify their existence in a company.

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