Apparently rioters must be racially balanced too

The Minister-in-charge-of-HDB-flats, Khaw Boon Wan, has been getting whacked online after he posted some photos from a ‘joint exercise’ involving the civil defence, police, dormitory operators and grassroots.

Yep. Civil defence, police, dormitory operators and grassroots. All of which has nothing to do with HDB flats. So why is Khaw doing the posting? Turns out the ‘joint exercise’ was held in his neighbourhood. No wonder he want to post and get attention!


Sadly, he got the wrong kind of attention.

Like I said earlier, people have been whacking him because the ‘joint exercise’ only asked Indian foreign workers to be mock rioters. Using Indian workers, according to these people, is a racial stereotype. Oh, by the way, people are starting to call these workers ‘South Asian’.


Zhun bo?! How politically correct must we be?!

If you asked me, the organisers probably got all these Indian workers (oh look, how politically incorrect I am!) to role-play because they live there.

Or maybe the dormitory only has Indian workers.

Or maybe these workers, like Khaw himself said later, are all ambassadors who have worked with civil defence and police before.

Or maybe having workers from different countries would cause language barriers that result in operational inefficiencies.

Or even maybe, these foreign workers volunteered themselves.

Too bad, nobody asked me.

Now we’re in a situation where next time for all mock riots and exercises we must have representative mock rioters. All CMIO must attend!


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