Riddle me this: How many own goals can an S-League CEO score?

The S-League CEO, Mr Lim Chin, had to tell the Tanjong Pagar United Football Club players that they have to sit out for an entire season of S-League. Basically, he was telling them that they’re gonna be unemployed for one year.


How do you think a CEO should deliver such grave news to a bunch of people losing their livelihood?

In a condescending manner, of course!

Here are some choice quotes:

“One thing is clear is that the chairman of the club, and I mention, committee, is above all of you.”

But he later contradicts himself…

“Nobody is bigger than the club.”

Trying to define what players’ rights mean…

“Each of you have a right (but) the right has only that much.”

And then re-define volunteers as paid people…

“He is a volunteer and they are all volunteers, taking pay to run this club.”

Making football a numbers game…

“You must pass (2.4km run) at maybe 8.30 to prove that you are doing well.”

Amazing right?

This S-League CEO managed to score many more own goals in an 85-minutes recording than the average S-League player could score goals in a 90-minutes football game!

No wonder he’s the boss and can kick teams out of the league!

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