How much is your kid’s hearing worth?

A man allegedly smacked a three year-old so hard that the young boy had to go to the hospital. When confronted, the man apparently said that he would just pay compensation if the kid loses his hearing.

And why did he smack the kid in the first place? Because the three year-old allegedly hit the man’s two year-old.

First of all, ZHUN BO?! Back when I was two years-old, if some kid hit me I would be the one who layeth down the smack-down.


One does not invoke the parents to settle playground debts, man.

Second… how big do you think your money is? This is a kid’s life we’re talking about here! You’re a grown man, hitting a three-year old because he hit your kid while playing. The right thing, and the only thing, to do was to separate the kids and maybe scold the aggressor. You do not hit him so hard he goes to the hospital.


I sincerely wish from the bottom of my heart that this man gets a harsh punishment. Not only did he cause severe bodily harm to a three year-old, he also belittled the kid’s life and believed that he can just compensate whatever disability his actions could cause.

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