PAP’s Desmond Lee uses ‘obfuscation’, and here’s what the word means

The PAPpie Desmond Lee, also Minister of State for Houses, has criticised the WP’s online supporters for raising a bunch of red herrings without addressing their failure to collect S&CC charges from 30% of their residents.

He also questioned WP’s delay and obfuscation’, since they have not actually said anything about the arrears issue.


What the heck is obfuscation?! I had to check my Longman dictionary before I can understand, basket.

Anyway, ‘obfuscation’ apparently means to try and hide the truth, or make the truth difficult to understand.

Wa why so serious. Let’s see what WP have said since it emerged that they don’t collect S&CC from 30% of their residents


Walao, really cannot find anything. Where have WP been? I don’t know but I hope people living in their constituencies know!

I have a few ideas though:

1) Go holiday already – holiday season liao! Probably explains why they never collect S&CC also.

2) Finding their missing money – a deficit of $700k is no joke so of course must go find. Maybe if they collected their S&CC they would not be in such a bad shape though. Or they can open handphone warranty shop at Sim Lim, not bad also.

So where do you guys think they are?

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2 thoughts on “PAP’s Desmond Lee uses ‘obfuscation’, and here’s what the word means

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