How to join the Black Friday madness in Singapore

If you’ve never heard about or shop during Black Friday, you’re missing out! Black Friday is the Friday after Thanksgiving holiday in the US, and retailers traditionally offer insane discounts both at their shops and online. How insane? As much as 60% – 70%!

You’re probably reading this and thinking how awesome it’d be to visit the US now and buy all the stuff, and getting all soppy about missing out on the great deals. Don’t worry, I’ve culled some information from all over the Internet to help you!

heavy breathing

Here are the steps and tips:

1) Amazon is your best friend. They often offer many large discounts, and for some items offer free shipping to Singapore as long as your combined order hits US$125. If you think that’s a really difficult target, think again. They are having awesome promotions like a 5TB hard-disk for US$139 (SG$180)! In comparison, a 4TB hard-disk locally would already cost SG$239.

2) Some items on Amazon cannot be shipped to Singapore, unfortunately. So what you need to do is to sign up for an account at a freight forwarder. Freight forwarders are companies that have addresses/warehouses in US that can receive items purchased by Singaporeans from retailers that don’t ship to Singapore. They’d sign for these items, pack them and ship them to Singapore!

The common ones used in Singapore are vPost, ComGateway, Borderlinx and a new player called 65daigou. I heard from some people on Hardwarezone that 65daigou is cheaper than the rest, especially for items weighing less than 4kg. Otherwise, I’ve personally used both ComGateway and Borderlinx and found them good, reliable and fast.

3) Keep track of the great deals by watching this thread on Hardwarezone, monitoring this page on Gizmodo or following this @Kinjadeals Twitter account. They post curated deals quite regularly, albeit with a tech/gaming slant.

4) Always choose to check-out in USD on Amazon. Apparently, our credit cards and local banks offer a better exchange rate than Amazon so you save a bit of money when you check-out in USD.

5) Go crazy on Amazon.

That’s all to it, really. Go nuts on Amazon, and like someone said on Hardwarezone – hoot first, eat grass later!


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