My unanswered questions from the AHPETC trial

The trial between the National Environment Agency and the Workers’ Party’s 3-in-1 Town Council about an illegal Chinese New Year trade fair has finally ended, with the 3-in-1 Town Council guilty of organising the trade fair even though they did not get the approvals needed. Just in time for the next CNY guys!


Damn boliao leh. Everyone in Singapore knows you need to fill up forms before you can do things right? Never mind, hopefully the 3-in-1 Town Council can learn some laws from this case.

Anyway, I have a few unanswered questions about this trial:

1) How much did renting a stall at the Chinese New Year trade fair?

2) Is it still profitable after the legal fees and possible fine? If still profitable… is it enough to cover the 30% S&CC arrears?


3) Will there be another trade fair this coming Chinese New Year? Especially since it might be profitable even after legal costs…

4) If I eat something at an unlicensed trade fair and then I get diarrhoea how? Complain to NEA or organiser?

5) How come all the WP-related drama always happen on Friday one?

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