WP may have missed the Elections memo

Sorry for the lack of updates – I realised I was broke and decided to stop posting like The Online Citizen. Then I remembered that my blog was free and my opinion doesn’t cost a cent, so I am back writing!

Not sure if you guys heard – but the PAPpies had a party on Sunday morning! In my opinion I think that was quite a lame party though. Not only was the timing horrible (Sunday morning, seriously?!), they apparently did not serve alcohol. How is that a party?!


Anyway, PM Lee said that the coming GE will be a ‘deadly serious fight’. And according to Mothership, the party was full of signals that the next GE will be soon. Well no shit Sherlock – it’s due in 2017.

Quite a few political parties in Singapore seem to know that GE is coming as well:

Strangely, the big boys of opposition WP are completely missing. Where did they go? Their last website update was in early Nov, and their last FB update was them denying that they’re quiet. Quite ironic, actually.


Unfortunately I have no answers. Someone accused WP MP Chen Show Mao of riding around Aljunied on his high horse, but I’m not sure about that.

Here’s my theory – the WP is running low on money after their 3-in-1 Town Council failed to collect 30% of the S&CC charges due. Maybe they’re busy sending out lawyer letters, as Sylvia Lim has once said they’d do. Or maybe they’re trying to hold trade fairs because those are quite profitable apparently. Or maybe they’re holidaying, because they can still afford it unlike their Town Council. Or even maybe they’ve decided to do a The Online Citizen, and stop politicking until people give them money.


But no matter what they’re busy with, I find it really strange that WP is so deadly quiet.

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