Sorry Khairy, Singapore is not a big fan of football hooliganism

It’s been slightly more than a week since the Singapore Lions fell 1-3 to Malaysia in the AFF Suzuki Cup. Since Singapore Lions’ exit, most Singaporeans have already shouted the requisite ‘REFEREE KAYU!!!’ and collectively shrugged their shoulders and ignored news about the AFF Suzuki Cup.

One incident, however, was particularly interesting to me.

I remember that the Malaysian Youth and Sports Minister Khairy Jamaluddin making some noise about how three Malaysian fans were not allowed into Singapore.

When the media contacted ICA for a comment, the ICA person apparently said that ‘entry into Singapore is neither automatic nor a right’. Errrr. Thanks, Captain Obvious?

Capt Obvious

Some Singaporeans also pointed out online that Malaysian fans have always been rowdy. And indeed, the Malaysians were actually rowdy! Apparently during the recent Malaysia-Vietnam AFF Suzuki match, some Malaysian fans bashed up some of the visiting Vietnamese fans because Vietnam won the match.

msia violence

Ridiculous right?

Anyway, I suppose this rowdy record of Malaysian fans is probably the reason why we didn’t let them into Singapore in the first place? Not fun letting people come into Singapore and bash us up, in my opinion.

Maybe Minister Khairy would have understood our reason for not allowing his precious three Malaysian fans into Singapore, if he attended a game sitting in the stands like actual Malaysian fans…

armchair stadium

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