PM is now Korean. Will he qualify for work permit in SG?

Not sure if you guys have heard, but our dear PM Lee Hsien Loong is now Korean. He was apparently awarded an honorary Korean citizenship in South Korea today.

pm is korean

Since he is Korean now, doesn’t that make him a Foreign Talent? That throws up one really interesting question – would our PM still qualify to work in Singapore, especially after the gahmen decided to tighten foreign manpower regulations.

Clearly, I had to investigate immediately.

With this mission in mind, I visited the Ministry of Manpower website and found that in order to qualify for the Employment Pass (EP), PM would need to earn at least $3,300 and possess ‘acceptable qualifications’. Er, I think he can make it lah.

The Manpower website also very helpfully provided a ‘Self Assessment Tool‘, which makes this entire exercise even more hilarious.

First I had to key in details like his occupation and salary…

pm job details

Then I had to key in some mundane details like the number of years he’s been working as PM, and his educational qualifications – Cambridge and Harvard, don’t play play!

After keying in all these details and selecting a date on which PM would apply for his Employment Pass, I left the system alone to go through PM’s case and decide if a person like him could get an EP in Singapore.

And the results are…

pm ep results

Yes he can!

Congratulations PM, you would have a great chance of getting an EP in Singapore! But of course, the gahmen must first advertise this PM position on the Jobs Bank for four weeks… But that’s okay Mr Lee, you still have a shot after that!

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4 thoughts on “PM is now Korean. Will he qualify for work permit in SG?

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      • Given the current state of Singapore, I am sure many are looking for such honour. Would be good to hold honorary citizenship. In return, many would probably be willing to aggressively look into returning the favour.


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