Roy Ngerng may have lost your money

Our friend Mr Roy Ngerng posted a massive entry – and when I say massive I mean more than 3,000 words massive – on his blog today. Which is okay, I suppose, because he’s pretty much a celebrity blogger nowadays like one of those Gushcloud fellas.


Unlike the normal run-of-the-mill celebrity bloggers though, Mr Roy is actually quite special. In this latest entry, Mr Roy spent 3,000 words trying to say that he did not defame PM Lee, AND THEN calls PM Lee an ‘arrogant brat’ who is failing at his job.

I don’t know what to say, except to admire the irony.

I have to say something about a comment of Mr Roy’s, however. Check out this rare update from Mr Roy about his funds:

But I suppose that is all I have left in donations and you might just as well use it up, why don’t you?

This line here was quite a surprise to me.

Remember how Mr Roy begged Singaporeans for money, and succeeded in getting more than $110k? So if Mr Roy only has $50k left, where did the other $60k go?


Wherever this $60k disappeared to, I would suggest that Mr Roy explain to his donors soon. Otherwise, it’s only a matter of time before these donors storm Hong Lim Park and demand for explanations!

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2 thoughts on “Roy Ngerng may have lost your money

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