5 things I learnt from Chan Chun Sing’s move to NTUC

Big news on Friday night, again! Today, NTUC asked PM to lend them one of his most capable Ministers to help lead the trade union. And PM readily agreed – probably because NTUC is very important (since they represent a metric-ton of workers in Singapore) and also because the NTUC Secretary-General works down the hallway from PM as Minister in Prime Minister’s Office so its a bit awkward to say no lah. Anyway, like all good Singaporeans I started Googling for random information right after I heard about the announcement. Here are 5 of the most interesting tidbits I found today:

  1. Chan Chun Sing was raised poor. Like, seriously poor.
  2. poor-CCS From a poor kid to Chief of Army, then to Minister and now part of the trade union leadership. Gotta respect him man, even if you don’t like PAP.

  3. Chan Chun Sing is also one kind of smart.
  4. Go see his Wikipedia entry. Do it.

    From Raffles Institution to Raffles JC, then on to Cambridge before a Masters at MIT.

    Overachieve much?

  5. NTUC folks call each other Brother and Sister.
  6. ntuc letter Am I the only one who finds calling your boss ‘Brother’ strange? Imagine the conversations – ‘Hello Brother, can I take leave tomorrow?’ or ‘Hi Brother can you sign this letter?’

  7. Brother Chan Chun Sing must now win more elections
  8. Apparently, NTUC also hold their own elections every four years for their Central Executive Committee. Poor Chan Chun Sing – he was just elected into the PAP CEC and he must now try to be elected into the NTUC CEC. Then when the time comes (when we least expect it!), Chan Chun Sing must try to get elected into the gahmen again. Damn shag, man.

  9. There are other countries with a close party-union relationship
  10. UK, Australia, Sweden are some other examples. I suppose that makes sense – good to have a Brother or Sister in the gahmen. So sorry Brothers and Sisters, Singapore is not that unique for this. What did you learn from this surprise tonight?

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