5 things I learnt about PM from his webchat

PM hosted his webchat this morning, and had to stare at almost 1,800 questions sent over 45 minutes. Some were boring ones like CPF and Medishield, while others are more exciting and asked about his personal life. Here are some highlights from those exciting questions:

PM is doing Pilates.


Quite hip leh this uncle.

PM wears pink because his producer told him so.


This makes me really curious – who the heck is this producer, and how does he/she hold such power over PM?!

PM is kind of a photo-geek.


Waaaa. PM uses Lightroom to edit his photos! And apparently a free programme called Lightzone, which should be getting a huge influx of web traffic from curious Singaporeans now. I wonder if PM visits Clubsnap forums also.

PM likes ‘home food’.


When asked what his favourite cuisine is, PM said ‘Home food’. Which is a really strange answer. Does this mean anything eaten at home would be considered ‘home food’ and hence is his favourite? Do people cook at his home?

PM could have been your teacher.


Can you imagine PM being your teacher? I wonder what he’d teach. Probably Maths lah, since he topped his class at Cambridge.

You can read all the complete questions and answers here.

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