PM Lee fails to meet AFP’s obviously high standards

My friend sent me this article from an anonymous writer at AFP, which I honestly found quite hilarious.

First, the headline.


Clearly, this writer has never browsed any Singapore-based Facebook pages because if he/she had done so he/she would know that dissent is definitely not rare. Yes, not even on the pages of the supposedly pro-government mainstream media!

The article then went on to complain that PM Lee was ‘left fumbling for answers’, and ‘only ‘posted 27 replies (34 actually – I know because I counted) which the writer described as ‘brief’. Now I’d suggest that the anonymous AFP writer do the math, but he/she obviously can’t count. So let me help!

34 replies over the period of 45 minutes meant that PM Lee had slightly less than 1.5 minutes to reply to a question. That’s a really short time, and could be the reason why the answers seemed ‘brief’.

This anonymous writer then suggested that PM had avoided ‘straying into more controversial waters’. Quite the opposite actually – Yahoo’s own article said that PM had tackled questions on CPF, housing, immigration and rising costs during his webchat.

AFP would have known this if they had bothered to click on that article right beside their own:


Alternatively, the writer could have observed the webchat as it went on. You know, the webchat where PM Lee failed his/her standards.


Oh well, can’t ask for much these days. I don’t know when AFP started allowing their writers to write anonymously, but if this is the kind of articles anonymous writers put out I’d suggest AFP reinstate the practice of having bylines.

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