Call me an old fogey, but I’m intoxicated with the new liquor control bill

Pour everyone in the house a glass please, because the Singapore government has finally made public drinking (also known as being a public nuisance) illegal.

Here’s a recap of what the new law means:

1) No more public drinking after 10.30pm

2) Retail stores cannot sell alcohol after 10.30pm, unless they have the license to do so

3) Tougher enforcement against public drinking in Little India and Geylang


These are big changes, and the government has characteristically justified the new law by highlighting that we are not alone (US, Australia and Norway have similar laws apparently), and that there were about three serious alcohol-related cases every week in 2014.

Boring lah.

Let me tell you what this new law really means to normal people like us. It means that there will be no more drunken people whom we’d need to avoid when we go home late at night.

It means that we don’t have to put up with the stench of urine or spilled alcohol when we go to work or school the next day.

It also means that we won’t be waken up by the sounds of drunken folks mucking around at night.

And perhaps most importantly, the law means that we don’t have to worry when our parents, kids and partners have to come home late.

Sure, this new law brings inconveniences like having to buy our alcohol from NTUC earlier or having to drink in bars that sometimes get carried away with techno music. But hey, I’d rather have these inconveniences than to worry about people important to me.

My only complaint about this law is that the government took more than 2 years to prepare it! Cheaper, better, faster can or not?!

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One thought on “Call me an old fogey, but I’m intoxicated with the new liquor control bill

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