The underdog should learn to bite, or at least try to bark a little

I’m really looking forward to the evening news tomorrow, because the PAPpies and WeePees (WP folks) will argue about the incompetency of WP’s 3-in-1 town council in parliament.


It wouldn’t be surprising if the PAPpies seize this opportunity, pounce on the WeePees and remind them of their failures over and over again. And it’s probably fair that they do – WP’s 3-in-1 town council failed on so many counts I’m surprised nobody has taken to Hong Lim to protest.

I mean, how can that Danny Loh award a contract to his own company, have his wife sign-off on the payment and just collect the money?! If that is not corruption I honestly don’t know what is.


And the WeePees really need to keep their own house in order. Mr and Mrs Danny Loh are managing agents they selected, and the WeePees must do the right thing for their own residents. Fire these people, or maybe even sue them to recover the money.


Not only that, the WeePees would need to take the stand tomorrow and have clear explanations for all these failures. Don’t hem and haw, or hide behind the ‘unprepared, unexperienced’ screen that they’re always ready to draw.

Even an underdog should learn to bite or bark some time.

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