Govt ministries should take a leaf from the WP playbook

You guys ever heard of the Public Accounts Committee? They’re supposed to examine the gahmen’s accounts and report any lapses to the parliament. Which sounds kind of tame, until you look at their past reports.

Just go to this website and do a search for their most recent reports, for example.

You would notice that this committee has no qualms about highlighting non-compliances, lapses and irregularities of the gahmen ministries. Whatever mistake they find in a ministry, you can be sure that they will report it to the parliament. The ministry in question would then have to apologise publicly, explain how these mistakes came about, and say exactly what they’ve done to fix and prevent such mistakes.


And I’m pretty sure that if there is someone in a ministry awarding a contract to his own company, this person would be hauled up in court and his photos will be all over the papers.

After the past few days, I’ve learnt that the gahmen ministries are really quite silly.

Why bother apologising, explaining and fixing problems when all the ministries need to do is to learn from the WeePees?!


Here are some lines WeePees often use, and gahmen ministries can consider when the Public Accounts Committee tries to kick their ass:

1) The world is unfair, and we’re trying our best. Please forgive us, even though I’ve been doing these for the past two decades. [credit to Mr Low Thia Khiang]

2) I don’t answer to you okay, cause you never vote for me. [credit to Mr Pritam Singh]

3) Why you ask me this question? None of your business lah! [credit to all WeePees in AHPETC]

4) Whatever you say is rubbish! [credit to Ms Sylvia Lim]

5) … … [credit to Mr Chen Show Mao, I suppose]

See? The gahmen ministries should not be so silly. They can just learn from the WeePees and ignore the Public Accounts Committee in the future!

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