Practical checklist for concert organisers

There’s been a little hoo-ha about the Futures Music Festival recently – apparently, the organiser Livescape went ahead to sell concert tickets before getting a licence for their event. The licence was ultimately not granted, and the event has been cancelled. 15,000 tickets have been sold so far, which is a hell lot of refunding to be done.

Things must be really awkward in the Livescape office right now. Especially after their marketing people came up with the #KeepFMFAAlive ‘movement’.

But don’t worry, other concert organisers! I’ve prepared a really practical checklist to help you avoid such situations:

1) Apply for all the permits and licenses you need.

2) Start selling tickets.


THAT’S ALL. Isn’t this a great and practical checklist? It’s quite straightforward really!

Want to hold your thingy outdoor? Here you go. Want to sell beer? Click here! Want some music to go with the beer? Here!

See? Easy right? All I did was to Google ‘outdoor license’, ‘music license’ and ‘alcohol license’. Getting these licenses is extra important if the event you want to organise has a reputation for drug abuse, so don’t forget ok!

Unfortunately, Livescape didn’t follow my checklist, so there will be no rave party at Changi this weekend. I’m sorry for not sending this checklist to them earlier.

To make up for my sins, I hereby present to you a gif of Teo Chee Hean dancing with The Prez-matazz himself, Doctor Tony Tan:


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