Aspiring bus driver takes private bus for a joy ride

I woke up to a really interesting piece of news today – a 17-years old teenager apparently stole a 45-seater private bus and drove it around for six hours.

Here’s a picture of a 45-seater bus in case you don’t know what it looks like:



First of all, he probably doesn’t have a driving licence since he’s only 17 this year. Second, that is a freaking full-sized bus! And the most puzzling thing is: why steal a bus and drive it around?!

And apparently he drove it quite safely too. The owner of the bus said that the kid drove ‘expertly’ and always signaled his intent to change lanes.

He was so good, the owner even offered him an interview after the kid is released from jail.

Next time he gets the urge, I’d suggest his parents buy a copy of Grand Theft Auto or Bus Simulator. These games range from $10 – $60, which sounds a bit expensive but is actually damn cheap compared to the fines and possible jail-time this kid is facing.


Sigh, kids these days really too free.

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