Being the gahmen must be tiring

As much as I like to make fun of the gahmen, I sometimes feel that their lives are quite sad.

This is because no matter what they do, people online would just attribute it to some reason.

If the gahmen do it soon after elections, it’ll be because the gahmen is trying to ‘fix the opposition’. If the gahmen do it a few years after elections, it’ll be because the gahmen is trying to buy votes. Just because elections in Singapore must be held every five years, and everyone seems to be counting down.


This is how people in Singapore see the gahmen’s actions:


Sad right?

During the first two years or so, everything the gahmen does is to fix the opposition and make voters repent. Gahmen announce upgrading? They’re definitely trying to make voters repent by making them jealous. Announce tax rebates? Definitely fixing opposition.

From the third year onwards, everything the gahmen does would magically turn into methods to buy votes. Even if they do the same thing! Announce upgrading – OH NO elections coming, gahmen trying to buy votes. Tax rebates? Obviously elections coming, because gahmen trying to buy votes.

It’s a tiring life, being the gahmen. Right now, there’s probably some PAPpie minister out there wondering if his decision to go out and eat dinner might be seen as an attempt to buy the vote of hawkers, when the only thing he wants to buy is a plate of chicken rice or curry.

No wonder PAPpie Sam Tan decided to give up on eating out, and start cooking for himself.


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