Yes I’m not kidding – rats are flying into space

Apparently, a Singaporean company called InGenius managed to send three rats into space and back to Earth safely. Mr Lim Seng, founder of the company, said that this experiment was done as a test run because they intend to send a Singaporean into space in May this year.

Which sounds scary as hell. I mean, they just completed the experiment and now they want to send a Singaporean to space two months later?! Seriously?!

I’m not a rocket scientist but I’m very sure that three rats are not the same as one human being. Plus, they’re planning to send a Singaporean up there in a ‘balloon’ that looks more like a plastic bag.


Errr. You can count me out of this, Mr Lim Seng.

But I think this experiment can solve other problems.

Remember the rats problem in Marina Square and Bukit Batok? Now that this experiment is successful, we can send our rats to space and drop them off at some remote location on Earth! No more rat problem!


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