Mr Lee’s greatest achievement

I woke up to the news that Mr Lee Kuan Yew’s condition has worsened today, and I fear the inevitable will happen soon. And many views have poured forth since his hospitalisation in early February.


I think in Mr Lee we have a man who, despite all the difficulties before him, led a team and made many difficult decisions that brought Singapore to where we are today. He had a vision, and the iron in him to drag every Singaporean towards this vision. And because of him and his leadership, we have what we have today.

Mr Lee is a great man, who brought Singapore to greater heights. But his greatest achievement yet was to make sure that life in Singapore would go on without him.

The selfish side of me wants Mr Lee to soldier on, recover and celebrate Singapore’s 50th anniversary with us. But I would not begrudge his decision to join Mrs Lee and celebrate their lives together on the other side.

Whichever path he goes on, I trust that Singaporeans would be behind him as always. Life will go on, and I thank Mr Lee for that.


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