The Amos Yee charade

Wow, such drama.

Mr Amos Yee was literally given one tight slap today outside the court on his way to attend a pre-trial conference. Why is this young man in court again? Because he uploaded a YouTube video criticising Christianity and Mr Lee Kuan Yew! And when he was released on bail, Mr Yee repeatedly broke the bail condition.

Thanks to Mr Yee’s habit of breaking his bail conditions, taking care of him is getting more and more expensive. His first bail was set at $20k, and he was bailed by his parents. This was broken, and the subsequent bail was again set at $20k. This time, his own parents did not want to risk bailing him anymore and a Mr Vincent Law volunteered to bail him out.

Mr Amos Yee broke his bail again and Mr Law may well have lost $20k of his own money. Mr Yee’s new bail is set at $30k, and I wonder who would be the brave soul bailing him out this time. Especially after Mr Law realised that he was burned the last time, and has since discharged himself as the bailor.

Potential total of bailing Mr Yee? A staggering $70k.

And what a charade this Amos Yee character is turning out to be.

Insulting a religion, slamming a recently deceased leader, showing up in court eating a banana, breaking bail repeatedly and now getting slapped – it’s like this guy is running a masterclass on how to grab the headlines! And what perfect timing too – right before a long weekend so that people have things to talk about on the way to their weekend getaways in Malaysia/Thailand/Indonesia.


Even Roy Ngerng, Han Hui Hui and Kenneth Jeyaretnam is riding on his coat-tails to try and get some publicity for themselves.

amos roy

Mr Yee, a true PR master indeed. Any gahmen officer or PR professional would do well to take a leaf from Mr Yee’s playbook.

amos pr skillz

Just make sure you don’t break any laws while doing so!

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2 thoughts on “The Amos Yee charade

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