AHPETC: Breaking the law… and breaking the bank?!

Really have to credit the WeePies for their element of surprise.

When problems first emerged in 2014 the WeePies pretty much said they’d fix it. The same problems surfaced again in 2015, and once again they promised to fix it. Now, a few months on, the WeePies are suddenly saying that they will have enough money till June 2015, as long as they don’t transfer any money to their sinking funds.

ZHUN BO?! Keep saying you’ll fix you’ll fix… now suddenly drop bombshell and say that you’d be bankrupt in June 2015 even if you break the law?!

Anyway, here’s a helpful infographic for those who have not been following the case. Easier for you to see how AHPETC arrived at their current mess:

AHPETC timeline

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