Who we kidding? Jurong is not and will never be cool

So whoop-dee-do, Jurong is going to get a new high speed rail station that goes all the way to Kuala Lumpur (KL). Which I suppose is great news, because going to KL is now a lot easier and hopefully cheaper. And since you’ve already gone all the way to Jurong might as well go to KL right?

What I don’t understand is why everyone is so exceptionally happy about it.

Some said this will ‘transform’ Jurong, calling Jurong the second CBD. Straits Times even said that glamour is heading towards the west!

wtf am i reading

ZHUN BO?! It’s just a train station with high speed trains to KL, which is a city Singaporeans go only when their companies force them to. So hello, please wake up your idea Mr PM Lee and Mr PM Najib – Jurong will never be cool.

What will most probably happen is a whole lot of small businesses will set-up shop in Jurong, hoping that they can hire Malaysians to work for them. Then they’d realise that they can’t hire that many Malaysians because they must go list their jobs on the government jobs portal first. So they get stuck, and move their business back to wherever they came from.

I guess when that happens, Straits Times can write an article proclaiming ‘Glamour heads to Jurong! Again, again and again!’


Ugh. I dread when that inevitable day comes, and even more so when the government PR machinery trips over itself to proclaim success anyway.

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