Sorry, we were wrong about Amos Yee

We were completely wrong about Amos Yee – he’s not really the PR master that we previously thought he was, but more of a demolition worker. Specifically, the kind who goes around blowing up bridges.

Since his infamous rant against Christianity, he has launched tirades against the police, his own parents and reporters. And his most recent episode revolved around his bailor Vincent Law.

In summary, Amos accused Vincent Law of ‘molest’, then retracted whilst saying he plans to apologise, before penning a 6,000 word essay making more accusations against Vincent.

Wow, more twists than a Taiwanese soap opera.


In the midst of all the wrangling, Amos even found time to call out The Online Citizen’s (TOC) lack of integrity. Specifically, Amos accused TOC of twisting the truth when things didn’t go their way – TOC had built Amos up to be a symbol for freedom of speech, only to find out that he really is an asshole who accuses people of molest.

This dissonance was probably too much for TOC writer Terry Xu, so he went ahead and loudly proclaimed that Amos Yee has apologised when all Amos did was to put up a sarcastic Facebook update saying that he needed three days to apologise.


terry was premature

In their defence… Nah, there’s not much of a defence really. They got overly excited, jumped the gun and ended up with an Amos-sized egg on their face.

TOC has so far yet to comment on Amos’ criticism, but have since published two articles about Amos. These new articles, however, were submitted by anonymous writers. Quite different from the previous TOC pieces on Amos. Terry Xu has neither responded to Amos’ comments, nor written a new article about Amos.

We wonder which bridge would Amos destroy next.

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