What next for AHPETC?

The judgement is outAHPETC is solely responsible for the management of their funds, and MND has no legal right to appoint auditors under the current law.


Now here’s a quick background of the case in case you missed it:

Today the judge ruled that under current laws the court cannot compel AHPETC to accept MND‘s auditors. This unfortunately means that if MND were to give AHPETC any grants, we will not know where the money would end up in.

Yep, the situation in AHPETC is really that bad.

The judge described AHPETC‘s behaviour as a ‘travesty’ and acknowledged that there were ‘grave and serious’ questions about AHPETC‘s state of accounts. The judge went further to say that if AHPETC was a private management company they would have been sued in a civil or criminal court.

Even the judge agreed that AHPETC‘s financials are in a mess.

So what should the WeePies in AHPETC do next? Here are the three options we see:

Option 1

Keep quiet. This is the WeePies SOP anyway.

Option 2

Celebrate the victory! Democracy has triumphed! Ignore what the judge said and how he described AHPETC‘s financials – alternative voices in parliament comes at a cost, even if the price tag states ‘One Bankrupt Town Council’. Hurray for WeePies!

Then proceed to go bankrupt in June 2015, and blame MND for not bailing them out.

Option 3

Do the right thing – get rid of the couple who paid themselves handsomely with taxpayers money and appoint a new agent that’s actually capable. Work with MND to make sure that the money goes to residents who need it. The residents will thank you for doing this.

For the sake of their residents and WeePies‘ own credibility, we hope they would go for Option 3!

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