Looking into Sylvia’s oyster omelette

From PM Lee’s infamous gaffe with his ‘mee siam mai hum, to uproar over Baey Yam Keng’s $2.50 nasi padangand the recent interest over Vivian’s relationship with fishballs – food and politics seem to always find each other in Singapore.

And now WeePie Sylvia Lim seems to have taken a leaf out of the PAPpies playbook – her first Instagram post featured the WeePies chairwoman enjoying a plate of orh lua (oyster omelette) at the Fengshan hawker centre.

The taste of Fengshan – heavenly! #reasonstowin

A post shared by Sylvia Lim (@sylvialim65) on


Our local media, ever so hungry for every morsel of election-speculative news, dug in with much relish.

Both The Straits Times and TODAY ran stories speculating that Sylvia Lim might be leaving her Aljunied GRC, and branching out into the new Fengshan SMC. This suspicion, according to both papers, was supported by Sylvia Lim’s cryptic hashtag ‘#reasonstowin’.


Calm down, people.

First, the WeePies have already committed to running in Fengshan SMC. And since her party has already committed to that SMC, shouldn’t Sylvia head over and lend their candidate some support? She’s one of the most recognisable opposition politicians in Singapore afterall.

In any case, she is still the chairman of the AHPETC. Sylvia Lim’s face was the one that represented AHPETC throughout their entire exchange with the government over AHPETC’s financial situation, and it be irresponsible of her if she were to leave her colleagues in the lurch.

Lastly, this is just someone going out to enjoy a plate of orh lua. Perhaps we shouldn’t read too much into it, and let her enjoy her dinner.

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