Ng Chee Meng is a Camel: 5 Interesting Facts About the Outgoing CDF

So the cat is out of the bag.

Outgoing Defence Chief, Lieutenant-General Ng Chee Meng,  has announced his intention to enter politics. Nobody knows where he will be contesting in, but given his background as a fighter pilot we expect a lot of parachute jokes when his next battleground is confirmed.

In the meantime, here are 5 little-known facts that may interest you about the latest high profile PAPpie:

1) His pilot call sign is ‘Camel’



According to Wikipedia, a callsign is a nickname usually given to military pilots. These nicknames often play on the pilot’s surname, personalities, references to historical figures or past exploits.

None of the above reasons seem to apply to LG Ng. So why is he the camel?

Perhaps he could fly for long hours without drinking any water? Maybe because he ‘carries’ a lot of responsibilities for the SAF?

There are many possible reasons, but we like to think that it is a reference to LG Ng’s humps.

2) He commandeered the 144 Squadron at RSAF

LG Ng started his career as a fighter pilot with the 144 Squadron before rising to command the squadron. Based out of the Paya Lebar Air Base, the 144 Squadron is considered to be the best fighter squadron in the RSAF and handpicks top pilot graduates to join their ranks.

3) His family is full of stars

ng family

LG Ng’s oldest brother, Ng Chee Khern, was previously a two star general with the RSAF. His younger brother, Ng Chee Peng, also wore two stars on his epaulets as the Chief of Navy.

Combined with the three stars that LG Ng has, the Ng family has a total of 7 stars within the family.

Curiously enough, LG Ng Chee Meng is the only one out of the three brothers to not receive the President’s Scholarship, yet is the one who rose the highest in his military career.

4) One of his past jobs was Military Private Secretary to the Defence Minister

He was the Military Private Secretary to the Defence Minister back in 1995/1996. The Defence Minister back then? Current President Tony Tan.

We can’t seem to find any information on what a Military Private Secretary actually does, but we came across this article where another Navy guy described his experience. He didn’t say much, except that the experience gave him a glimpse of the vast scope of important responsibilities our Cabinet Ministers hold.


5) His current children will not need to serve NS

Keep your tinfoil hats, conspiracy theorists.

The reason why LG Ng’s children would not need to serve NS is not because their father was the head honcho of the SAF. Both his kids would not need to serve NS simply because they’re both girls – Sara Ng and Elisabeth Ng.

Of course, both of them can always volunteer after the Committee of NS (which LG Ng led) suggested the addition of the SAF Volunteer Corps…

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