Top 7 quotable quotes from PM Lee’s National Day Rally

Today was the SG50 NDR, and PM Lee sounded like he had something for everyone. Help with housing for low- and middle-income families, more baby bonuses and even raising the retirement age.

Doesn’t matter whether you’re young or old, poor or not so poor – there’s probably something in there for you. Even if you fly PM’s aeroplane like the WeePies you may also qualify something.

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Anyway, this year’s NDR was a landmark speech. It is the NDR for the special SG50 year, and we are not surprised that PM Lee paid tribute to our pioneers and painted a bright SG100 in our future.

Here are 7 quotable quotes from this year’s SG50 NDR:

1. On water

Every now and again, when issues arose with Malaysia, some crazy politician would threaten to “turn off the tap” to get us in line. But we were not cowed.

2. On the government

We do right by Singaporeans.

3. On foreign workers

Every option has a downside.

4. On his responsibilities

I believe that I am doing what Singapore needs and what best safeguards your interest. If I did not believe that, I would not be doing it.

5. On the Mr Lee Kuan Yew’s funeral

I was deeply moved to see the crowds stand their ground, paying their last respects to Mr Lee. Teardrops and raindrops fell together.

6. On Singapore’s future

Those people who feel daunted and think Singapore’s best days are behind us – They are wrong! Our best days will always be ahead of us.

7. On the coming elections

You will be deciding who governs Singapore for the next five years.

There were many quotable quotes from PM Lee, but I think the best of the night came from the late Lee Kuan Yew.

When asked if there will be a Singapore 50 years from now, Mr Lee said ‘Of course there will be. Even better!’



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