7 Things We Can’t Wait to See at GE 2015

Election season is here!

If you’ve been living under a rock or don’t have internet access, here are the dates you need to know: 1 Sept is Nomination Day, and 11 Sept is the Polling Day.

Then again, I doubt you’d be able to read this post if you actually live under a rock or don’t have internet.

Anyhow, this election is shaping up to be the first election where every constituency is contested. For all we know, PM Lee will no longer be PM in a few weeks’ time!

Of course, elections is not all about the results (unless you’re a political party of course). Here are 7 other things we are looking forward to in the coming elections:

1) The solidarity at National Solidarity Party


The doors at the National Solidarity Party have been very busy. Acting Secretary-General Hazel Poa and CEC member Mohamed Fazli left the party recently, and Steve Chia – whose intention to run in Macpherson SMC was the cause of Hazel Poa’s departure – has announced that he doesn’t want to run anymore.

The National Solidarity Party may not have solidarity within its own ranks afterall, and we can’t wait to see if they’re even running in this election.

2) Number of corners at Macpherson SMC

Closely related to NSP’s fate is the fate of Macpherson SMC. The PAPpies has confirmed that new mother Tin Pei Ling will be staying to defend her place, whilst the WeePies have staked their claim on this SMC as well.

NSP is continuing their flirtation with the SMC, so we don’t know for sure if there will be a three-cornered fight. For all we know, other parties might decide to join in the fun!

3) The comings and goings at PAP

In the name of ‘renewal’, the PAPpies are phasing out old stalwarts like Wong Kan Seng, Mah Bow Tan, Inderjit Singh and Hawazi Daipi. Minister Lui Tuck Yew is also stepping out of politics, and it remains to be seen where the PAPpies will be picking their ‘minister calibre’ candidates from.

Especially where the next Transport Minister will come from, since that seems to be the hot potato portfolio nowadays.

4) “Pursuant to Section 49, Sub-section 7e, Paragraph A of the Parliamentary Elections Act…”

Sadly, Yam ‘Robocop’ Ah Mee will not be starring as the Returning Officer this time. Instead, we will have Mr Ng Wai Choong, the Chief Executive of Energy Market Authority.

Nobody knows how he sounds like though, and we sincerely hope that he is as deadpan as his predecessor. Here’s a video of the standards Mr Ng would have to live up to:

5) Social media ‘experts’ to sprout like mushrooms

It has already started – the Straits Times has announced that this will be a social media-led election.

Which must be kind of demoralising to the volunteers working the ground since 2011, eh?

We also expect everyone to suddenly become a social media ‘expert’, and describe this as another watershed election where social media clinched wins and caused defeats.

6) The AHPETC house

This will obviously be a big thing during the election, especially since the WeePies promised to submit their financial reports by 31 August.

Will there be 3, 8 or 14 disclaimers? Or will the report finally be clear of disclaimers?

Only the WeePies know, and they’re holding this card close to their chest. We can expect the PAPpies to pounce on any financial irregularity the reports show, and Singaporeans would have to consider whether having an opposition voice is worth the financial mismanagement.

7) Chee Soon Juan

This will be the first election that Chee Soon Juan will be competing, since sitting out GE 2006 and GE 2011 because of his bankruptcy.


Which Chee Soon Juan will we see this time?

Could we see fierce liberal who spared no punches in criticizing Singapore’s trade agreements with US? Or would we see the man that his own mentor, Mr Chiam See Tong, described as a ‘megalomaniac’ who wants the centre-stage all the time?

These are all very exciting angles for this coming GE, and we haven’t even talked about the Reform Party and Singaporeans First – both parties led by familiar names in local politics. Hell, for all we know Roy Ngerng might even decide to run against his old foe PM Lee in Ang Mo Kio GRC!

Exciting times ahead, indeed.

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