I Also Want to be a Town Council Managing Agent

MND yesterday revealed that FMSS, AHPETC’s former managing agent, made a profit of more than $2 million in 2013/2014. Including the directors’ fees and secretariat fees, the four owners of FMSS were apparently paid about $800k each in a single year.

Bloody hell! These people are better paid than PAPpies like Sim Ann, Maliki Osman and Teo Ser Luck! No wonder Maliki had to moonlight as a dancer.

According to the benchmark at Salary.sg, $800k a year means that the FMSS owners earn more than 99.3% of people in Singapore.

That’s a lot of money that the WeePies are giving to FMSS, and the WeePies believe that such payments are completely aboveboard and legit. For some reason though, FMSS no longer manages the WeePies’ towns – despite the fact that they’re so well-paid and that the WeePies are happy to pay such sums.


And this is why I’ve decided that I want to be a managing agent for the WeePies. Think about it – the WeePies need a managing agent, and I need a lot of money. We’re perfect for each other!

Plus, I have the qualifications that WeePies require:

As you can see, I possess the exact same qualifications that inspired the WeePies to hire FMSS back in 2011. Heck, I’d even offer a discount – I don’t need $3 million, pay me $2.5 million can already!

So WeePies, don’t wait already. Email me at zhunbosg@gmail.com after you win your GRC okay?

I’ll be checking my email on 12 September.

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