Paul Tambyah loves Tharman, and that’s perfectly logical.

Paul Tambyah today professed his love for DPM Tharman Shanmugaratnam, describing DPM as the most brilliant out of Singapore’s current ministers.

He even went on to proudly share a ‘secret’ amongst the opposition parties:

“Many of us in the alternative parties hope that one day DPM Tharman will have a falling out with PM (Lee Hsien Loong) and will come out to lead a grand coalition of opposition parties – Pakatan Rakyat Singapura – to present a real alternative to the current PAP (People’s Action Party) government.”

Wow, that’s quite incredible. I wonder what Paul’s leader, Chee Soon Juan, thought of his suggestion. Afterall, as the leader of an opposition party, Paul’s suggestion would place Chee under the lead of DPM Tharman.

I don’t think Chee is the kind of man who would be pleased with someone else steering the ship, and Mr Chiam could probably attest to that.

But that aside I do agree with Paul Tambyah, DPM Tharman is indeed one hell of a minister. In fact, this is not the first time we sang praises for the man – we literally called him Tharman ‘Hood’ Shanmugaratnam after his performance at this year’s Budget!tharmanhood

And it is very easy to be more impressed when you look into DPM Tharman’s credentials. Cue drumroll.


Not only is DPM Tharman in charge of Singapore’s finances and fiscal policy, the man was also selected as the chairman of International Monetary Fund’s International Monetary and Financial Committee.

In simple English, Tharman led the team that decided IMF’s policies. Yes, that IMF that works to reduce poverty around the world.

DPM Tharman was also selected by Euromoney as the Finance Minister of the Year in 2013. Nobody knows about this award (besides finance ministers perhaps), but Tharman’s won it for us.

And lastly, perhaps most impressively, DPM Tharman is part of the Group of Thirty. This is a prestigious group of 30 top economists and financiers specially set up to look at how economic and financial issues affect the world.

I’m not smart enough to know what it means, but looking at the list of people in that group I would say that DPM Tharman is in a pretty esteemed place.

On top of being world-renowned at his day job as the finance minister, DPM Tharman also has time to partake in all sorts of weird activities organized by his grassroot leaders.


No wonder even the opposition admires him!

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