HO MY GAWD. Is that a monkey’s finger?

If anything, the past weekend has definitely taught us that social media is no monkey business.

Ho Ching (yes that Ho Ching) caused a stir yesterday when she shared a photo of a monkey giving the middle finger.


Now those who follow her closely will know that she shares everything. Everything. Single. Thing.

But the timing for this post in particular was quite unfortunate, given the public disagreement between her bae and sis-in-law.

In fact, she soon felt the need to delete and apologise for the monkey’s middle finger.

Walao, zhun bo?! What button did she press?!


I also didn’t believe it at first, so I investigated.

Looking through her Facebook feed felt as though I’m going through Buzzfeed. But I’m inclined to believe her explanation.

Even though she has since deleted the monkey photo, her Facebook feed yesterday is chock-full of pictures without context. Exhibits A, B, C and so on.

Which made me ask the next question. She gets a $500 SkillsFuture credit also right? Maybe she should spend it on a social media course, and see what kind of monkey pictures she could share instead.

Or you know, save the monkeying around for her Snapchat.

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